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Salone Veneziano

The entrance to the winter garden leads us to a Venetian-style area, furnished with fine mirrors, marble flooring, chandeliers and frescoes.

Sala Canova

Sala Bellevue

Panoramic Halls

Two rooms facing the panorama. The first one with a large arched window overlooking the city close by a room gallery enriched with marble busts with access to outdoor areas.

The Ballroom

Large arched windows are the background to the largest room of the Villa. The Ballroom is the ideal setting for large events and for creating unique atmospheres.

Sala Arazzi

Sala Specchi

Il Patio

A courtyard where the typical arches of the Villa blend with the geometric designs of the flooring. A complete view of the building and direct access to the gardens. The space’s capabilities allow the creation of greenhouses and facilities to meet every technical and creative need.